Industrial refrigeration can be defined as the process to provide cooling for large-scale factories. The application of refrigeration equipment for chemical plants, for example, gas separation, crystallization of substances, destruction of reaction heat, along with cold in manufacturing and construction, snow and ice, sports, and environmental test chambers included in the definition. Some environmental test chambers are very small and, possibly, could be better described as original equipment. And another aspect of industrial refrigeration equipment in a wide range of temperatures involved. 

We develop and maintain systems that use ammonia, halocarbons, or other refrigerants. Our capabilities include design, fabrication, installation, technical service, and replacement parts. No matter what type of industrial refrigeration requirement you have, we can provide the individual treatment that will assure your success.

Scope of Work

  • Installation of the refrigeration system comprising of compressors, evaporative condensers, pressure vessels, & indoor evaporators. (The entire equipment will be supplied at a site close to the plant room).

  • Use a crane, and manual roller to push the units inside the plant room and to over foundation, over neoprene rubber pads.Installation of CS pipe as per the drawings with necessary supports, brackets, angles.

  • Carry out welding as per grade/consultant specification.Install the necessary valves, pressure test the system. (All materials such as pipes, fittings, valves, accessories to valves if any shall be provided).

  • The scope of supply is limited to consumables and support materials.

  • Engage teams of welders/fabricators for carrying out the works.

  • Cladding Fabrication and installation as per drawing and GRADE Standard and Consultant/Contractor Instruction with supply all required machines for fabrication & Installation.

  • PU foam injection work without a supply foam injection machine.

  • Fabricate and Install all Steel Supports required to install pipes, Cables trays, and equipment as per drawing and Consultant Instruction

  • Carry out indoor unit drain pipe with GI pipe inside the evaporator room and with UPVC after the space.

  • Carry out electrical cabling from the main panel in the plant room to compressor motors, evaporative condenser motors and pumps, and other works.

  • Assisting for commissioning